A good deal while it lasts

pizza-boxIn 1995, Rutherford County and the City of Murfreesboro signed an agreement that allows residents to send solid waste to the Middle Point landfill free of charge. The savings to taxpayers? $4 million a year.

Another benefit? Other counties that use Middle Point make pay Rutherford County around $900,000 a year.

But when Middle Point goes away, so do these benefits. The costs will be considerable. Now is the time to come up with a smart plan for the future of solid waste in Rutherford County.

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One thought on “A good deal while it lasts

  1. Whether or not Rutherford County will look back 30 years from now at the decisions that were made at the Middle Point Landfill as “a good deal” remains to be seen. Or 50 years from now. How long might it be after closure before the leachate collection system fails? How long will the leachate in the landfill remain toxic? How long might it be before the cover system is compromised, or the bottom liner begins leaking?

    “Free of charge” isn’t necessarily a bargain. The risks associated with landfill will remain long after closure and long after Republic Services is gone.


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