After Middle Point fills up, what next?

This photo of the Middle Point Landfill ran last year in the Daily News Journal.

With Middle Point Landfill expected to reach capacity no later than 2024, and possibly earlier, what comes next for solid waste in Rutherford County?

That is what the Rutherford County Solid Waste Advisory/Steering Committee is studying. They will gather again at a date to be determined for their third workshop to consider the county’s needs and the options that might be available. They already have met twice.

At the last workshop, they looked at how other communities are handling similar situations. Read details in the presentation they heard.

Look over some of the options they heard about (below), and tell us what you think at Join the Conversation (upper left on this page), or here, or by email at

  • A transfer station where waste could be held before being hauled in large trailers to an out-of-county landfill.
  • Hauling waste directly out of the county.
  • Expanding Middle Point.
  • A waste-to-energy (WTE) process that converts trash to energy that is often sold to large industrial users.
  • Mixed waste processing, which processes waste and extracts recyclables.
  • A materials recovery facility (MRF) that receives, separates, and prepares recyclable materials for sale.

They also discussed source reduction (reducing the amount of waste we produce), residential curbside recycling, composting, and education and outreach about solid waste. (All four of these things could be a part of an evolution solution, though none of them would constitute an entire solution.)

Members of the Advisory/Steering Committee will zero in on the options when they meet April 21. The meeting will be open to the public. Exact time and place of the event will soon be announced.

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