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  1. By your own account roughly 76,000 tons a year is generated by Rutherford county residents.(keep that in mind). If our c and d landfill is at capacity and closed as of 2-23-18 then why is middlepoint 02 an option? According to the info tonight if the county gives over the c and d landfill to Republic then they would dig up the existing c and d, line it then reinsert garbage. That will extend the life approximately 15 years with the average of 600,000 tons being brought in currently. That is a total of 9 million tons over the 15 years. Now,divide the 9 million tons of capacity by our county only generated garbage and the landfill now has 118 years of space left! If it is economical for Republic to line the old landfill for 15 years of use I certainly think it would be economical for the county to do it for 118 years of life.
    If I am misled by the info that was presented tonight please correct me.


  2. Correction, 750,000 tons a year currently taken to Middle point. That’s 11,250,000 tons of space over 15 years. Now with county only generated trash the landfill has 148 years of life!


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