Read plan that Solid Waste Advisory Council is studying

Members of the Solid Waste Advisory Council (SWAC) and others listen to consultants during their Feb. 27 meeting. In the foreground are Rutherford County Solid Waste Director Mac Nolen, left, and Lynnisse Roehrich-Patrick, a member of the SWAC. Consultants on the platform include, from left, Jeff Postell of TriAD Environmental Consultants, and Kate Vasquez and Harvey Gershman, both with Gershman, Brickner and Bratton solid waste consulting firm.

The Rutherford County Solid Waste Advisory Council had a productive discussion on Tuesday March 27 about next steps in dealing with trash.

They were given a detailed report, which you can study for yourself. (This updates the report posted earlier on and includes the meeting agenda). Read it here.

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