Feb. 27 meeting to focus on solid waste as we go forward

Members of the Rutherford County Solid Waste/Advisory Steering Council will meet at 5 p.m. Feb. 27 in the County Commission chamber, as they focus on specific options for solid waste due to approaching changes in the current system.

Currently, Rutherford County taxpayers have free use of the Middle Point landfill – worth at least $4 million annually – and the county receives approximately $900,000 a year from other counties that use Middle Point. Committee members are working to define solutions that will best serve Rutherford County for years to come.

“The way we currently handle solid waste is inevitably going to change,” said Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland, a committee member. “We are eager to pinpoint the best way to go forward – the way that best serves our taxpayers. We will prepare by taking steps that are sound, both for the economy and the environment.”

Rutherford County Mayor Ernest Burgess, also on the committee, said, “We are moving toward choosing a plan that we can recommend to the community. Committee members have visited several other communities and evaluated their approaches to solid waste disposal. We have studied an array of options.

“Now, we can focus on the best options for Rutherford County and move ahead on what will work best in our communities.”

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Growth is good if we think it through


It’s really no surprise: Rutherford County is growing because people like our way of life.

To steer the right course, we and our leaders must take a long-term view of growth. That’s why the group that is studying our options for handling solid waste are taking a long-term approach that will anticipate growth with a 20-40-year strategy.

It’s a sound way to budgeting the taxpayers’ money and preparing for generations of the future.